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2016: six diseases that shook the world

The past 12 months have been challenging for many reasons, and the arena of global health was no exception. We take a closer look at six diseases that challenged complacency and made us appreciate the importance of immunisation as well as the people behind...

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In photos: vaccines combatting cholera in Haiti

After the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Matthew this autumn, the risk of the disease spreading across Haiti in contaminated waters was high. At the beginning of November, global health partners worked with the Haitian Ministry of Health to begin a vaccination campaign using one million doses of cholera...

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Vaccination and global health security

Luc Debruyne, President, Global Vaccines, GSK A nurse prepares a vaccine in Tanzania. Photo: Gavi/Peter Rudden. As the UN General Assembly in New York draws to a close this week, I was happy to hear discussions at the meeting moving on from debating what should be part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to agreeing what actually needs to happen now on the ground to improve health, prosperity and sustainable development by...

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Liberia looks back on Ebola

It’s been more than two years now since the World Health Organization declared the Ebola crisis in West Africa an international public health emergency.  After losing 4,800 people to the disease, trialling an experimental Ebola vaccine and finally getting rid of the virus, Liberia has learned many lessons and is now on the road to...

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Helping yellow fever vaccines work for 2 million people in DRC

Frederique Tissandier, Gavi. This week, as yellow fever continued to spread across Angola, neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo launched a Gavi-supported emergency campaign to vaccinate its citizens against the disease.  A total of 11 health zones in Kongo-Central and Kinshasa city provinces were targeted with an emergency yellow fever campaign, responding to an outbreak that started in the country three months...

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Près de 2 millions de personnes vaccinées contre la fièvre jaune

La République démocratique du Congo a procédé à une campagne d’urgence financée par Gavi (Crédit photo : OMS/ Eugène Kabambi) Un total de 11 zones de santé du Kongo-Central et de la Ville-Province de Kinshasa ont été ciblées pour mener une campagne de riposte aux cas de fièvre jaune enregistrés dans le pays et en Angola...

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