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Cameroun : la vaccination pour combattre le choléra

Rachael Hore, Gavi Un cliché de la campagne. Photo : Gavi/A. Makundi 2015. Le Cameroun a lancé la première campagne de vaccination avec le vaccin anticholérique oral, soutenue par Gavi. Une campagne menée sur le terrain par Médecins sans Frontières...

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Polio: the last mile

Huma Khawar, freelance journalist and consultant for Vaccine Implementation Technical Advisory Consortium (VITAC). The expression on his face changed as he spoke on the phone. The visitors sitting in his room could guess that news from the other end was not exactly pleasant for Dr Rafiq Ahmed, a District Officer Health in...

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Ebola – 5 vaccine lessons

More than a year on from the start of the Ebola epidemic, the world has been hard at work trying to learn from the factors that have so far contributed to over 11,000 deaths.…

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Keeping DRC polio free

This African Immunisation Week, the Democratic Republic of Congo launched a the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) to protect more than two million children. Gavi’s Fred Tissandier travelled to Kinshasa to see what was happening on the...

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Promoting immunization amidst the threat of Ebola

Ramatu Jalloh and Mohammad B. Jalloh, Health and Nutrition Sierra Leone Civil Society Platform (HANSLCSP) The Ebola outbreak that began in May 2014 derailed significant progress that had been made in helping immunization coverage rates recover from the 1990-2000 civil conflict as well as undermining an already fragile health...

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Polio and Ebola: Legacy in Action

Surveillance experts from India are working to strengthen the Ebola outbreak response in Sierra Leone In January 2015, 26 surveillance experts from the National Polio Surveillance Programme (NPSP) in India boarded a plane that would take them to western...

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