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This week in vaccines – 9 September 2018

Gavi helped vaccinate 65 million people in 2017, according to their annual report published this week. Afghanistan launched a major vaccination campaign to protect 13.8 million people against measles. Meanwhile, Uganda will reach 1.6 million people with oral cholera vaccine, and Lao PDR has launched a campaign to protect flood-hit communities against the...

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This week in vaccines – 2 September 2018

A doctor contracted Ebola in one of the most violence-ridden areas of eastern DRC, where the outbreak is yet to be stabilised. Algeria is facing their first cholera outbreak in decades, whilst in Yemen, weather data is helping to predict where the disease will...

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Electing cost-effective vaccines

Clint Pecenka, senior health economist, PATH This year’s US election was unforgettable for many reasons. It was particularly memorable for me because, as the final results were coming in and most Americans were asleep, I was sitting in the middle of a workshop in Bangkok,...

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