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The (online) gateway to a healthier future

Yulia Yurova, Gavi Imagine that you are a manager responsible for a national immunisation programme. Through evidence-based case studies and advocacy, you have secured your Finance and Health Ministry’s endorsement to apply for a range of Gavi-supported vaccines: now it’s up to you to ensure political commitment is translated into life-saving protection for the next generation of...

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This week in vaccines 1st May 2016 The last seven days have seen celebrations of progress and discussions of remaining vaccine challenges, as World Immunisation Week got underway.  The week kicked off with a summary of key immunisation issues for...

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Don’t let polio flatter to deceive

Jim Calverley, Parliamentary Advocacy Officer (Child Health), RESULTS UK Photo: Abhishek Bali/ACTION Over the past decade, 10 billion doses of Oral Polio Vaccine have been given to 2.5 billion children, preventing an estimated 3.5 million of cases of...

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Immunization under fire

Robin Nandy, Principal Advisor & Chief of Immunizations at UNICEF In March, a child receives a dose of oral polio vaccine from a health worker in Baghdad’s Al-Takya Al-Kasnazaniya Camp for displaced Iraqi...

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Preventing illness & its costs: the impact of pneumococcal vaccines in The Gambia

Katie Gorham, Scientific Communications Specialist International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC).  The pneumococcal vaccine in action. Photo: Gavi/ Olivier Asselin.  As celebration of World Immunization Week continues, two recently published studies shed light on the economic costs of pneumococcal disease and the health impact of the vaccines designed to prevent...

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