On Monday, Gavi’s photo exhibition on ‘Vaccine Heroes’ officially opened in Geneva. The exhibition celebrates the vaccinators, doctors, nurses, campaigners, scientists and parents who help vaccinate millions of children every year. It was also announced this week that Pakistan’s female health workers, who were amongst the heroes featured in the exhibition, will play a major role in the measles campaign beginning in the country next month.

Whilst scientists warn that we must prepare for the return of Zika, plans were revived to intentionally infect humans as part of trials for a vaccine against the disease.

In the week that a WEF blog argued that we’re not ready for the next flu pandemic, researchers published promising early results for a flu vaccine that could be more effective and easier to administer. Elsewhere in vaccine research, scientists are working on a new type of vaccine to combat Lyme disease.

In Zimbabwe, WHO are scaling up efforts to tackle a cholera outbreak in the capital, and the government of Papua New Guinea has launched a nationwide immunisation campaign after the ongoing polio outbreak spread to Port Moresby.

And finally, Forbes profiled the scientist Maurice Hilleman – arguably another vaccine hero – who developed more than 40 vaccines over his career.