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Father’s Day vaccine portraits

Dads are a key ingredient in supporting child health, but they are not always included in efforts to persuade caregivers to bring children to health clinics for vaccinations and other essential...

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The Art of @Vaccines

Behind every vaccine is at least one great mind – someone who had the vision, intelligence, persistence and patience to develop, test, fail, and test again – often over the course of...

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What do vaccine heroes look like? You won’t spot these individuals wearing capes or colourful costumes, but the contributions they’ve made to saving lives around the world are still awesome.  In this historic portrait, Annie Leibovitz captures the people linked to the development of several life-saving...

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As surprising as it seems, art has the power to help save lives.  Discover how: nprglobalhealth: Why Bill Gates Is Commissioning Fine Art Each year, about 6 million people die from diseases that are preventable with...

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Alice Pori, Walag’lang, South Sudan

“Here where I live in this village, it has been very difficult to find medicines for the children. I had to travel far to the city for them to be given immunisations, and my fourth child, it was too...

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