This week saw the passing of data-loving “edutainer” and vaccine advocate Hans Rosling, prompting many to re-share his famous TED talk and other notable occasions when he shared his optimism about global health and immunisation.

The New York Times delved into the history of cholera, and the 200 year journey towards treatment and effective vaccination. Meanwhile, the prospects of polio eradication in Afghanistan looked increasingly optimistic. Meanwhile the inventor of vaccination as we know it, Edward Jenner, was revealed to be the inspiration behind a new approach to malaria vaccination.

More than 350 US-based organisations wrote to their new President to express confidence in vaccines and explain their value to the whole country. At the same time, paediatrician Dr Peter Hotez shared his fears for child health in the US as vaccine exemptions continue to rise.

Finally, NPR released the second of its videos in the #KillerViruses series, which chronicles the “golden age of germs”, when people were starting to travel and live in bigger settlements, but before vaccines had been invented. Watch it here.