This week in vaccines

9th October 2016

This week ended with the release of two major reports; the first was “Further, Faster Fairer” from Save the Children, which tallied immunisation progress around the world and outlined key challenge areas for reaching every child with vaccines. The second was a landmark study on the global burden of disease, which showed some good progress in the fight against infectious illnesses, but a complex broader picture. 

On Twitter, this week saw notable conversation turning to “Making Markets Work” – ensuring that innovation and healthy markets can help the poorest in the world access the medical interventions they need, such as vaccines.  

Months after the response to yellow fever outbreak in central Africa, an epidemiologist explained how disease was controlled in Angola, amid various challenges. In neighbouring DRC, a cholera vaccination campaign got underway

Fiji became the latest country to see dividends from the rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines, with hospital visits for related diseases dropping considerably. 

And last but not least, reflections on the state of immunisation in 2015, and the scale of the journey remaining continued from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and others, as pictured above.